Duct Cleaning For Your Business or Workplace...

  Look at some of the registers or grills around your office or work area. Check for particles of black dirt or dust on them especially on the return air grills. Check for dust and dirt around your work area and on top of tables, cabinets and desks. If you notice more than trace amounts, your ventilation system is passing bad air and probably needs a thorough cleaning.

The indoor air quality in your place of business may be so poor that health problems such as allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders can be magnified. Not only can this be a health concern, but it also leads to lost time and productivity in the work place.

Many people have allergic reactions to pollen, bacteria, dust mites and mold. These particles, along with other invisible pollutants, settle in the air ducts and are re-circulated every time the furnace blower is operating. Cleaning and disinfecting your ductwork not only eliminates most contaminants but also can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and furnace by improving air flow.

Leading medical authorities acknowledge that moisture and contaminants found in HVAC systems serve as ideal breeding grounds for mold, germs, fungi and other harmful microbes. This poses a major health risk to those who suffer from allergies, asthma, immune system deficiencies and other chronic illnesses, as well as to small children and the elderly.

Doctors, particularly allergists, now commonly prescribe HVAC and air duct cleaning as a remedy for health problems related to indoor air quality.

Environment People also specializes in the cleaning of commercial air duct systems. We can clean the air duct systems in all types of commercial buildings and apartment complexes up to 40 floors high. We have cleaned dryer exhaust ductwork in commercial laundry facilities, HVAC systems and Fresh Air ducts in offices and buildings of all types and sizes in the Toronto area, including schools, factories, hospitals, malls, churches, etc.

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