Dryer Duct Cleaning Is Crucial...

  Last year, 340 household clothes dryer fires were reported in Ontario. Almost one third of these incidents were due to a lack of maintenance. Provincial statistics indicate that, on average, 300 clothes dryer fires are reported annually. Although there have been no fatalities within the past ten years, up to 15 injuries and a few million dollars in property damage result each year.

The lack of maintenance/care and improper installation (i.e. incorrect venting) are the leading causes of fires in clothes dryers. Fires also occur when flammable materials are inadvertently put into these appliances. If a fire occurs, it will often start within the drum of the dryer and be fueled by lint that has accumulated in the dryer cabinet. In the event that plastic ducting is used to vent the dryer instead of metal ducting, the fire will not be contained within the dryer if the plastic ducting ignites or melts.

Major fire hazards associated with clothes dryers include:
  • lack of maintenance
  • accumulation of lint
  • improper installation (venting)
  • drying flammable materials
  • use of plastic venting / ducts.
At Environment People, we use specialized equipment, and can thoroughly clean any dryer exhaust system. A complete cleaning is relatively inexpensive and can pay for itself in energy savings alone. We recommend that this service be completed at least once every two years. Call to schedule an appointment today.


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