Attic Insulation Removal...

Environment People can also remove blown-in attic insulation as well as any fibreglass batts of insulation. We use a high-powered state of the art industrial vacuum system. The machine is kept outside in order to keep dust to a minimum. We run vacuum hoses from our equipment and up to your attic.

All of the insulation that we remove from your attic area is removed from the site completely, and we take great care not to leave any mess behind.

There are several reasons why you might have your attic insulation removed, including renovations, animals and rodents such as racoons, squirrels, birds, etc. Urine and feces can cause alot of damage to the ceiling, and can harm the people living in the house.

Attic insulation is also sometimes removed after there has been a fire in the home, since the insulation will absorb the odour from the smoke.

We often remove the attic insulation in cases where the occupants have discovered that someone in the home is allergic to what is there. In these cases, they have us remove everything completely and then replace all of the insulation with a different material.

Please call us for a free estimate on your attic insulation removal.


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